March 19, 2011


This is my family. Wes is my lovely man and father to the cutest baby I think ever lived. Asher came into our lives on June 29, 2010 with a loud cry and has been creating a wonderful chaos in our lives ever since.

And I cannot forget our wonderful and crazy dog Luna.

March 18, 2011

Etsy Find

Asher has hand such a runny nose for the past few days...then I happen to find this adorable tissue holder
I want the blue pale blue one for Ashers room at the new house! you can find them here.

We move in a week! So excited!!

March 14, 2011


I want this Bikini for our trip to Laguna Beach, I think I have a little more baby weight to loose though. We leave March 31.

New Beginnings

Well after two years in this home we are moving. Our offer got accepted and we move March 25! I can't believe it.

There were so many memories in the short two years that we lived here. We got our first pet our crazy dog Luna! Wes made a career change, and the biggest memory of all this was Ashers first home. 

Offer Number 2

Just signed an offer to purchase for a home I love! When we bought our first home the market was very different, no bidding wars we paid below list.  So this is a new experience for us; a stressful one. I really hope that we get it.

We have to wait until 7:00 pm tonight to find out. My fingers are crossed and my breath is held eeeeek!