April 14, 2011


I never thought Wes would be able to surprise me the way he did because I always ask him a million questions about everything he does. On our trip in California he pulled one on me though!

April 5 Wes and I decided to take Asher to the beach one more time before we went home. Wes was determined to go to this secluded "beach of a thousand steps" we were driving and driving down PCH and finally he found it. So down we go to this beautiful spot literally a thousand steps to get down to the beach (totally worth it though) We set up our blankets and umbrella and go to take some pictures with Asher by the water. Wes hands me Asher and kneels down to take some photos and says "hey, what's in Ashers pocket?" It takes me a couple minutes to get the beautiful Birks Bell out of his pocket, I open the box and inside is the most beautiful ring. Wes already on his knee, asks "will you marry us?" I said "of course" about 10 times (Wes had to ask me if this meant yes, to that I said of course)

Back at our blankets we had some champagne and I started calling my family and friends!

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