August 17, 2011


My life has simply been to busy to write anything. I am now back at work and have been for a little over a month now. The transition has gone surprisingly smooth for both Asher and I. I am so blessed to have my parents and in-laws take care of Asher while I am at work and that has taken a boat load of stress out of it.

Being back at work I can equate to riding a bike; I feel like this job is a skill I never loose. Good thing, Bad thing I don't know. Since being back I have applied and interviewed for a promotion. (fingers crossed)

My wedding is pretty much planned now I just have to wait until next year, this means I am constantly changing my mind about things though. I think I have picked 3 different bridesmaid dresses and still am not sure of which ones to go with (I want my girls to look goooood!) The things that are set in stone are...

Date---July 14, 2012
Location---The Gates
The Dress---no you don't get to see this
The Shoes---can't see this either
The Photographer---The lovely Michelle Zerr

Wes is still trying to convince me to have a destanation wedding. Not sold. However if I did I would like to get married here or here.

I would love to have these people do my wedding...don't think it's in the budget though.

Asher is now almost 14 months old! (gasp) He also has a vocabulary of about 30+ words my little genius! He had an awesome 1st birthday party that I have to post about.

For now I will leave you with some pictures of my summer so far!

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